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Tips for Making the Best Out of Marketing Automation

Marketing has seen a lot of improvements and enhancements in the past years as the concept of marketing automation has spread to become the industry standard. This popular and very effective marketing approach comes with its own ecosystem and many companies that are just now getting into it might find some things a bit confusing or daunting. Even those that have been using marketing automation for a while might have arguments against it. It is true that the name it was given doesn’t help to make it look less cold or lifeless. However, there are solutions to combat that.

It is important to know that it is not the marketing agency management software that dictates the ebb and flow of leads or strategy deployment.  There are some companies that lay it all on the automation software and completely remove themselves from the process but those who wish to make the experience and outcome feel less robotic can and definitely should take a look at these tips on how to do it:

Maintain the human element in composing lists

Lists are the ones that probably suffer the most from marketing automation. This new marketing approach has brought with it the practice of buying lists. This makes for a very impersonal and generic list of leads and that will count towards the end result of your campaign.

Even though you have implemented marketing automation, continue to grow your lead list naturally and personally vet all leads to make sure they are qualified. Continue to repeat this process each time you run out of leads to assure that you always have a healthy list that can provide good sales opportunities.

Nurturing is the key

It is important to remember that the end goal of marketing automation isn’t just to procure a long list of leads, but to nurture them and to efficiently build on the relationship that your company has with each individual lead. This will ensure far greater results when the time for campaign deployment comes, and if the marketing and sales department team up to provide the highest quality content for each lead, the end result will be a successful closing on each lead.

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Expand marketing automation

If you are only using marketing automation for your email system, then you are not making the best of this type of software. It’s important to maximize efforts and results across all platforms, and that means websites and places your leads usually hang out in. Get automated marketing software that is capable of automating marketing solutions across all platforms so that you are more connected to your leads.

Pay attention to segmentation

Segmentation is a very important step towards a successful campaign. You want to make sure that each batch of content you send out will reach its most optimal target and that you organize the entire process so that you know at every turn what leads will go where and which leads you want to advance how far down the road.

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